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Phelps Area Businesses

Welcome to the website for the communities of Phelps, Freeburn, Majestic, Stopover, and Jamboree.  Phelps Kentucky is located in Pike County in the most eastern part of the state.  We are located approximately 175 miles south east of Lexington, Kentucky and approximately 100 miles south west of Charleston, West Virginia.  We are a small community with coal mining as our greatest industry.  Our population is approximately 1,053 equaling approximately 89 people per square mile.  The total population for the small communities and including Phelps has been estimated at approximately 5,700 people.  We are proud of our small communities and the folks that live here.  We have a lot to give in the way of businesses, churches, and talent.  We hope you find this website informative as well as interesting.

    When folks visit this area, they want to know general things about the community.  Things such as what restaurants are available and how good's the food.  They want to know what churches are in the area so they can visit.  They want to know what medical facilities are available in case they have an emergency.  Some even want to know the educational facilities as they make a decision on possibly moving into the area.  This site will provide them that information.  They can get a good look at Phelps Kentucky and the surrounding communities.

    On the icons to the left you will find the links to the small communities surrounding Phelps Kentucky.  As you click on each location's link, you will find a listing of businesses, churches, medical facilities, and educational facilities for that particular community.  So click on the links and explore our part of the world.